Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bersama-sama ( short film )


a ayam team film.

Team Ayam:
Goh Chee Seng
Cheong Hoe yi
Lim Shan Fei
Lam Yong Hao


ling2 said...

still always show on the screen at TOA main block @@

涵云 said...




star said...

hmm,kenot imagine tis fei4fei4 talkative guys did all tis work..jiayou la,talented guy..

seng83 said...

ling2, reali? i think TOA shud show more juniors work. I saw some of the juniors' final work reali awesome and their rendering skill much better than bersama-sama. salut !!!

涵云lenglui, juz a ordinary animator and struggling on survive. yes, i will post my latest work once i complete any. u come here oftenly la k?

starstar, hahaha, am i look stupid to u? kidding la. these works not only my efforts and there are many seniors helping in. i believe that if i do alone sure canot show this result =.="