Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dragon Knight

This is my latest illustration work. Not for job purpose but defenately inspired by Carlyn and HoiMun. Thanks a lot to inspired me draw again. I found that I'm still a lot space to improve but i feel so happy that I can finish this pcs in quite short time.

Hopefully more to come in future. comments comments ~

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CIB opening animation

This is a job for CIB new station . The design is not from mine but i did the character modeling , rig, animation and rendering.

this clip is short but quite some part is interesting and challenging. Normally opening wont have much time to show your animation, so you will need to make it simple yet interesting. The 'apple boy' most challenge part is with the big head. Its quite hard to animation a super big head character. You need to take care the balancing and the follow thru in the animation. On top of that, the smaller body hard to show the body language too. So, my solution is make the head move lesser and body twist more.

This is the final and had been show in TV station ald. Dont know you all got see it before? hahaha, at last hope you all enjoy it. Comments and critiques are welcome ~