Wednesday, August 26, 2009

mitsubishi friedge CG TVC

This is one of my company project which is fully 3D for TVC ( TV commercial ). We get the idea from client and agency with a rough storyboard. Since we are allowed to motify it to better version, we used to enjoy this project so much. Becaz we are only aim for good quality work.

At beginning, we try to understand what client n agency wants. Then we do a group brainstorming about the storyboard. There is 3 version of storyboard we provide to client and let them choose. They seems very open for us to input our ideas into the project. Finaly we come out with this final version.

Our team have 5 people involve this project who is Ryan, Voon Choon, Bin Weng, Eamond and me. We got our specify job and I handling animation part. I try to put some cute elements into these characters movement. And the tough part is about to make all characteristic different and contrast. Mr Vege is leader, we give him a boss like and he have to lead his mates to escape from the old fridge. That's why you won't see much smiling face from him and yet he always showing his serious expression. Mr Carot is such a dumb , he always lost his timing and seems not so flexible in movements. I think sometimes this kind of character will bring comedies to the scene so even the duration is quite short but at least i tried. Mr Tomato seems most porpular among all characters because of he is very cute? haha, a lot of audiences told me this. Basiclly he is more boucing action because of his body poportion . I take the Rhina character which is the character of 'Bolt' movie as my reference for this character. He is fat but so energitic. I like this character too.

So far not much can play around in this project but i enjoy we can input our creativity into the TVC( normally client wants we provide what they want even sometimes the idea is not works at all ) . i appriciate this interesting project and hopefully will get this kind of project again sooner.

hope you all enjoy this. ^^ /"