Thursday, February 28, 2008

MANGGA ANGELS . character design

This 1 actually is do for a TVC( TV commercial ) job. I offer to design 3 mangga style girls figure for the TVC. Yes it's will be render in 3D and composite in the shooting. Unfortunately the client complaint about too sexy for the design and decided to change. It's quite sad after a large amount of refine and changes but decided to ban it in the end. Anyway , this is tvc world.

Well , I'll keep it as my own collection and hope you all enjoy it. critics and comments are welcome !


Julianimator said...

Design looks cool but I have to agree that if it's going to be appear on TVC, it is kinda too sexy already. But for me, the far right one is somehow acceptable. :D

seng83 said...

hahaha, if i wan explain its reali a long long story. there is some system problem among this...thats y a design havto over many hands to approve. i being 'fool' until very frustrated.... but i think i used to the 'culture' now ...hehe

Julianimator said...

Sometimes clients are just hard to deal with, isn't it.. :-/