Thursday, January 22, 2009

Robots sketches

Trying to design some unique shape robots. I just draw it out for fun when my mind got some images. Its fun and hope will hav a chance to develope them. (p/s: it's still look like Evangelion design.....sigh.....)

Anyway, hope you all like it ~


s|ivEr$tAr said...

Halo, my super lengzai de seng gor gor..haha..
(he force me 2 say 1)

nice design is wat i can say,sorry i duno much about 3d animation so cant comment much..happy chinese newyear!!!

Kp in touch~~

feiz said...

wow, not bad not bad, your design always look very dynamic in shapes and yet well designed which I like them so much. haha :)

ccc said...

very nice sketch u hav there man, jus a vistor frm cgtalk :)

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